Allinvest* represents a combination of the skills for a global service in financial advice at the service of entrepreneurs and their shareholders. Its mission is to provide a reference service to its customers. Its teams provide strong expertise in advice, in financial analysis and in upmarket financial services with a desire for excellence in its execution.

Invest Corporate FinanceAn expert and creative investment banking vision

Invest Corporate Finance exercises the activities of advice in financial engineering for listed or unlisted companies and their family or financial shareholders.

+ 350 operations carried out in corporate finance since its creation

Invest Securities

Stockbroker, Invest Securities is the provider of investment services approved by the Bank of France. Since 2006, Invest Securities has become on the leading players in investment services with funds and managers. Its financial analysis office is recognised in particular in the sectors of Property, Biotechs, etc.

Its Marketing service to Issuers offers a service for global and quality assistance in the framework of the introduction to investors and corporate access.

1st stockmarket listing sponsor (in number of operations) on the Euronext and Euronext Growth markets in Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Financière AmplegestExigency in action

Amplegest is a wealth management company which assists the development of the private assets of company bosses through 3 lines:

  • Private wealth management
  • The Family Office
  • Asset Management

All of the activities of Amplegest are approved by the AMF.

+ €950 M of assets under management, of which €650 M within the Family Office activity.

Sully Patrimoine Gestionin the heart of our values

In 2016, Invest Securities Holding created Sully Patrimoine Gestion, the fruit of the merger of three 100%-owned management companies, characterised by the stockmarket expertise of its employees, its management independence and the availability of its teams. Within Allinvest, Sully Patrimoine Gestion strengthens the private wealth management business with complete independence.

Approved by the AMF, our managers have been experts in financial markets for more than 30 years.




PRE-IPO is a crowdfunding platform which permits participation in the last round of financing of high-growth SMEs a few months before their stock market listing.

The investment platform is managed by Invest Securities. The companies presented on the site are selected by experts for their eligibility for an IPO

The promise of value of the PRE-IPO is a clause for liquidity within a maximum of two years. The preferred withdrawal is that of an IPO, but other withdrawals can be envisaged like sale to an industrialist, LBO, purchase of the minorities by one shareholder, etc.