The middle-office maintains close relations with its customers and plays a central role in the introduction to new counterparties. Its role is also to assist its market operators and make the connection with the clientele.

It verifies compliance of all the transactions executed by the front-office and establishes processing procedures for transactions.

It sends confirmations of the transactions processed.

To establish new systems, it takes advantage of its experience for assistance covering the Front – Back Office processing chain.

The back-office ensures the registration, monitoring and correct outcome of all the transactions in all the markets.

Knowledge and skill must be combined to satisfy its clientele in the framework of an IPO and increase in capital.

Following market operations, we can take on the role of centraliser and take care of the creation of securities at Euroclear, their collection and their exchange in consideration for the payment.

We also assist you about the provisions of the TEPA Law and tax benefits (Dutreil Law, Wealth Tax and Income Tax) generated thanks to the subscription in SMEs and the centralisation of private placements.