Invest Securities has become one of the leaders in services for issuers since 2006 thanks to a global service covering three main lines:

  • Financial analysis
  • Stockmarket marketing
  • Liquidity contracts.

Invest Securities has a multi-sector financial analysis department consisting of 13 financial analysts. The monitoring analysis consists of detailed annual studies, comments and regular flashes sent to the main funds and managers specialising in small and mid caps. The financial analysis office also sends its research daily to the economic and generalist press. It publishes the consensus (Bloomberg, Factset), inserts in our stockguide and sector reviews, etc.

The research is a key part of the financial communication allowing the interest of investors to be maintained in the stock.

Invest Securities organises in order to offer an overall and quality assistance service in the framework of the introduction to investors and corporate access:

  • Road shows
  • Investor breakfasts and lunches
  • Sponsoring of the main small and midcap shows in France and abroad
  • Owner sector shows (example: Biomed).

At the signature of the contract, Invest Securities established tailored assistance and specifies with the issuer a provisional timetable. This retroplanning will take into account the publications and major announcements and we will organise events in France and abroad in order to maximise the visibility and the contact with investors.

The regular meetings with investors allow a lasting relationship to be built and periods of road shows at the time of financial operations to be prepared.

Invest Securities has a team dedicated exclusively to market management for its issuer customers. In order to comply with the strict Market Maker process, a single trader is responsible for liquidity contracts. We use our knowledge of the stockmarket to:

  • Manager the ups and down in prices interventions against the market trend
  • Manage intraday volatility
  • Provide liquidity for the stock by maximising the trading
  • Avoid price mismatches resulting from the non-simultaneous presence of purchasers and salespeople.