By relying on our expertise in corporate financing and our knowledge of the markets, we have naturally innovated by launching a fintech: PRE-IPO. Our crowdfunding platform permits participation in the last round of financing of high-growth SMEs a few months before their stock market listing.


Today, many investors in unlisted start-ups find themselves without liquidity solutions in the short/medium term. This is why we differentiate ourselves from other crowdfunding platforms by offering to our investors a visible liquidity horizon by selecting solely SMEs eligible for a stock market listing in the short/medium term. Furthermore, the companies that we select present a lower risk of failure than start-ups, since they have moved beyond the riskiest stages of their technical and/or commercial development.

By opening up to individuals the possibility of investing in unlisted companies from €2,500, we allow them very often to exonerate their investment from taxation. In fact, our companies are eligible for the TEPA SME provision which allows a reduction in Wealth Tax up to 50%, namely up to €45,000, as well as for the Madelin law permitting a reduction of his Income Tax of up to 18 %, namely up to €9,000 (non-cumulative tax benefits). Our investments are also eligible for Equity Savings Schemes (PEA) and SME equity savings schemes (PEA SME).

PRE-IPO allows innovative SMEs to finance their last phase of growth before the stock market listing with great simplicity. We assist them in the fund-raising by discharging them from the management of the new shareholders by the creation of a holding company which will be their sole interlocutor which will allow them to concentrate on their core business. The last round of financing will allow the financing companies to obtain an initial market sentiment before the IPO while gaining in visibility with the general public.

The Invest Securities Group, the leading European listing sponsor in volume, can assist companies in raising funds in its platform in their procedures for stock market listing.